The world : explanations

The story of Cerebium Sparks takes place on the planet Stalrion, the planet well balanced in ground and oceans. Endowed with a single small similar satellite just like our moon, Stalrion has a rather soft climate, convenient to the human life.

The appeared lands is mainly regrouped in three continent:
Mauria, medium-sized continent situated mainly above the equator. It is a continent in the moderate climate covered with big forests of conifers and with fertile plains.

-Sondia, small continent in the South of the equator, consisted of two big countries, Yumei and Estford. This giant island is endowed with a rather cold climate, due to its nearness with the South Pole. Sondians lives in autarky and have not many link with two other continents.

Watzl (pronounce Watzel), main continent this world, and central place of the story, shelters a big variety of climate. Above the equator, it is rather soft, alternating pleasant summers and cool winters. Only the parts in the very North undergo the cold winds comeing from the North Pole. In the center the climate alternates between warm and slightly dry according to the nearness with the equator, the most desert zones have conditions close of Arizona or Texas ones. In the South, the weather is warm and wet, alternating long rainy periods and ardent sun, and cools gradually by getting closer to the Pole.

Watzl consists of 6 big countries :

- Ranwill: this country is the wider, it is in this part of the world that our story takes place. Former Federation of small countries, it is now a republic which works by Duchy, managed by Archdukes. Its capital is Alestria. The political life of Ranwill is very active, especially since certain Duchies blame the president for a laxness about the gestion of criminal groups, mercenaries and the other small groups living outside the law.

-Shorab-Ali's Kingdom : the former dictatorship, the kingdom is ruled by a Queen, queen Sah-Shorab who gives her name to the capital. Shorab-Ali is a progressive country, which stays aware of the interest of its inhabitants. Therefore, the country has the highest living standard of all the continent, and has a large number of high-technology industries. However, the not so clement climate often ravages the median part of the country, preventing it from concentrating more than slightly in relation with foreign countries.

-Trayus: small dictatorship ruled by a tyrant, it decomposes into two remote regions. Little, rich in resource and with an horrible weather, Trayus is not a region where life is enjoyable and survives with the precious exploitation of its gold, stones and Cerebium mines

-Toricio: neutral country, its capital is Graal dio Toricio. Few thing to say on this small and young republic which just begin to rise.
-Santberg: rich country between Ranwill and Randrian Egemony. It is a country with a pleasant climate andvery fertile lands. Santberg stay in peace for years with its neighbors, gaining its tranquily by the business of food and raw materials.

- Randrian Egemony : Dictatorship ruled by the Great Pontiff, the egemony is based on the ideology that « Big fishs eats small ones ». the country lives under dogmas about fight, and don’t hesitate to make rebels disappear. The relationship between Ranwill and this country are very « harsh » and are always great concerns, especially by Santberg, which would be caught in an horrible dilemna in a war situation. The capital is « Dôma Stevnish » which means « the home of the strong » in Randrian language. This country has to groups to protect itself : the regular army, and the Executors, multi purpose special agents obeying directly to the Pontiff and who can work everywhere in the world.

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