The Cerebium. Miraculous ore used to produce an extraordinary amoud of energy. With this incredible discovery made by a strange scientist from nowhere, the Stalrion planet had known a significant technological advance, giving a bright future for all its inhabitants.

Twenty years later, the arrival of a strange teenager fallen from the sky in a little capsule, and gifted by mysterious powers, treathen the stability of the world. Hunted by greedy people who want to obtain those awesome abilities, the young girl, portected by an former pilot, will be the center of a nation wide conflict.

Tosurvive, they have to trust random allies, about whom they nows nothing : the owner of a strange saloon, a young Marshall with a dark past and a complexed ingeneer.

Between Steampunk and fantactic, Cerebium Sparks follow this odd quintet in a fantastic adventure. To forge their destiny against powerful foes, they will have to face the biggest challence of their life : find the truth about the Cerebium powers.